The Snowflake Falling Ground

There is a place behind my mind~~a place where snowflakes fall;  a distant forest with no roads, where none but God can call.

A place where only God can speak, and it’s a judgment place for me where I pass judgment and decide what I will do and be ~~ outside.

A place where God lets me be me with all responsibility for choosing Him and asking Him to grow me to what He can see.

There, He raises questions that no one else can raise.  He searches and discerns and tests, exposing crooked ways~~and then He shows me what He’s found and asks what I would have Him do.

Just He and I discuss it there, in anguish or in quiet prayer in the snowflake falling ground.

For snowflakes fall so silently and snowflakes fall so small, but just as silently, completely, as time goes by~~they cover all.

And later still in time they melt, and streams go rushing forth ~~bearing out for all to see what in the past was only found in the snowflake falling ground.

He speaks with love that’s tough and true when He comes calling there and helps me choose, sometimes with strife, to purify the springs of life.

It’s there that He becomes my Lord and there we’re often found~~my Lord and I, deep in the forest, at the snowflake falling ground.

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