Word Picture of King David

David was a musical sheepherder from a dysfunctional family

He had  a wife who mocked him,

        a son who wanted to kill him,

            a baby who died because of him,

                a father-in-law who pursued him with murder in mind,

                    a grandson whose choices resulted in the destruction of everything David and his son, Solomon, had built~~

                        spiritually, politically, nationally and militarily.

He himself was a shepherd,

    a king,

        a murderer,

            an adulterer,

                a musician,

                    a general,

                        a poet,

                            a survivalist,

                                an outcast,

                                    a victor,

                                        a worshipper of YHWH,

                                            a lousy father  

                                                and a man after God’s own heart.

He was not equipped for his calling except by the call.

He lived out the calling of his life by refusing to be defined by the events and failures of that life.

He staked his life to God’s call, not his family photos.

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