New Category: Fresh Thoughts

This category has been created for a place to put things I write today, (whatever “today” it is),  as I continue journaling when I’m reading Scripture and praying, noticing new lessons or want to simply write a note about the present, share a Scripture or record an event.   

I’ve been writing for 30 years and just this year (2011) began transferring that writing here, but I haven’t stopped writing.  So Fresh Thoughts is where fresh writing will show up.  These entries will often carry additional category designations: a poem, some journaling, a Scripture, a snapshot, etc. 

Fresh Thoughts will always have a meadowlark as the identifying icon.  The meadowlark is my favorite bird.  It  has the most beautiful song a bird could sing.  I think it’s the prettiest bird on the prairie and one of my favorite childhood memories. 

There really is nothing finer than the song of a meadowlark  in the middle of June coming from somewhere beyond the lilac bush.

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