Real Life Really Is Entertaining

In the 1990’s, our daughter-in-law gave me one of those blank books for recording family heritage information.  Each page had a question at the top, followed by the lines where the answer should be written.
It wasn’t until 2003 that, after several failed efforts,  I finally   completed the assignment on the page that asked for my “Ideas for Entertaining.”   What follows are all the dated entries that appear on that page in its final form.
June, 1998 :  Oh, this should be good.  Can’t wait to see if I figure out something to write here (something that actually resembles reality as I experience it)
1 week later:  can’t think of a thing…not a thing
September, 1999….still nothing
October 2003….uhhhh–ok, gotta do this
don’t run out of food
don’t talk too much
use different colors of food
don’t use new recipes
if people offer to bring something, let them
light candles
if something goes wrong,  just pretend you planned it that way or say, “I really can’t believe that just happened” 
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