Is Sin Necessary in Order To Be Human?

icons, booksIn The Incomparable Christ,  J. Oswald Sanders, has synthesized so many precious things about the person of Jesus Christ in a highly readable narrative.

One of the things he addresses in his discussion of the humanity of Christ is the often unchallenged assumption that may burrow into our faith-foundations~~the assumption that being human equals being sinful.

The phrase “I’m only human, you know,” often used after some obvious personal failure or faux pas has its feet firmly planted in acceptance of the idea that “my failure couldn’t be avoided because I am human.”

Sanders gives wise counsel:

We must be careful to distinguish between “human nature” and “sinful nature.”  They are not synonymous, for Christ never possessed the latter, only the former.

Sin is no necessary element in human natureIt is a satanic intrusion.

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