Letters to Rosebud: August 31, 1925

Dear Friend:

I received your welcome letter about a week ago: also the note.

I was in Sidney yesterday, and my sister came with me home last night.  The folks are coming this afternoon to help feed the threshers, who I am expecting about tomorrow.

Both Pella and Brorson had a surprise on Mrs. Josephson, Sr. yesterday.  We were out there all day, and had a fine time.

The old lady got a good rocker and two nice rugs.

She was one of the earliest settlers, and had done much to help those who came later, and I think it is good that people show their appreciation while she is still with them.

We had a few small rains last week: just enough to stop threshing for a few hours.

I hope we all get done soon, because I think we have a lot of rain coming soon.

The ground certainly is awful dry around here; no rain for 2 months.

Lillie went up to my brother’s place, and I have a little fixing up to do outside, so I have to make this letter short.  I thought I would write now when I had a chance.

I hope our friendship may continue.

Best Regards,

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