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Letters to Rosebud: October 19, 1925

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Dear Edith, I rec’d your letter last Saturday and was very glad to get it. So they are doing a little figuring in Sidney: well, they suspect something around here, too. Soon I suppose it will be all over, and … Continue reading

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“Please (don’t) pass the peas.”

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The Frederick Hansen home flourished in Montana, eventually featuring eleven girls and two boys. I have always marveled at the fact that Grandpa Hansen,  by all accounts, just “went on his way rejoicing” even though I’m sure he was hoping … Continue reading

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Driftwood Heart

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Do your careful work, my Lord, O Carpenter of hearts, smoothing out the hardest wood to make the strongest parts. Work with splinters, knots and burls imprisoned long within this tree.  O Carpenter of human hearts, press home your work … Continue reading

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What did the Roman Satirist say about Deception?

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The Roman Satirist, Petronius (first century AD) said this about why deception thrives: Mundus vult decipi; ergo decipiatur* Also in the first century, Paul the Apostle addressed the same issue in his letter to the church at Thessalonica in II … Continue reading

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Remembering When Crocuses Bloomed

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Making something for our mothers for Mother’s Day was a rite of spring in the classrooms of the 1950s. I hated it because I wasn’t good with dainty things and had no patience for tiny handwork.  The worst of all … Continue reading

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