Letters to Rosebud: October 19, 1925

Dear Edith,

I rec’d your letter last Saturday and was very glad to get it.

So they are doing a little figuring in Sidney: well, they suspect something around here, too.

Soon I suppose it will be all over, and that is allright, because the whole world is welcome to know that we love one another.

If this summer continues I will be in Sidney on Saturday sure.

The ground is too frozen to plow today, so I have done my washing; now don’t smile.  I do that every little while.  Am going to town this afternoon, so I take the chance to send you a little ink.  I know you are looking for a letter some time this week.

The folks came Saturday noon in the snow, and drove home yesterday afternoon.  Maybe you saw them in church last night if they made it in time.  They got that foolish hen with her three chicks along to Sidney.

We had some good meetings.  May they bear fruit to eternal life for someone.  In 2 weeks I hope we can be in Westby.  I am getting hopeful about the weather now.  It certainly is fine today.

This is only a few broken news written in a hurry, but I hope to have a real visit with you next time.  Guess I’m always in a hurry.

I also put on the storm windows this morning.  I don’t expect to need them right away but now I am prepared.  Yes, I cleaned them before putting them on.

“Nu er det bedst at jey slutter med dette ‘pyat.”

Your Immanuel

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