Where to Start

Because we’re in the throes of packing and moving (and will be for another 4-5 weeks) nothing new is getting posted.

Most of the postings require some time to move them from their present formats (in old study materials, family records, etc) and are not just a matter of transcribing.  Once the moving mess got under way, I had to decide whether to try to “slam things in quickly” for those kind and interested folks who check in to see what’s happening.  I decided that was not a good idea, so will just wait until time is in my court again.

If you click on a single category, it will bring up everything posted for that category….if you just enjoy “reading about the old days” try the Mailboxes and Old Barns Essays or As I Remember It.  The only difference between those two categories is that As I Remember Posts are shorter~~little vignettes that “give a glimpse” of something specific.


I’m looking forward to getting back into the writing and reworking and posting.  I miss it.

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