Letters to Rosebud: August 10, 1925

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Aug 10, 1925

Miss Edith Hansen;

Dear Friend,

I took a trip to Sidney yesterday to see the folks, and was hoping to see you, but as you were not there I would like to write to you.

Please do not think that I am too forward, as I surely wish to avoid that.

We are busy harvesting, and have a fair crop.

My brother and I are heading all our wheat this year.  Some wheat has been threshed, and the yields are from 8 to 20 bushels.

I suppose you had a good cool time in the park, while we had two very hot and dusty days driving from Livingston to Sidney.  That really was the only thing I didn’t enjoy.

My pictures turned out well, but they can’t do justice to the real thing.

If you care, I should like to hear from you, or maybe we will meet again soon.


Immanuel Larsen                                                                                                                                Culbertson, Mont.

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