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The Sepulchres in our Gardens

As is so often the case when I pick up my Granny’s copy of Streams in the Desert, the devotional for the day is a perfect fit for the day. And there was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, sitting … Continue reading

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As I Remember It: The Colors of the Prairie

These colors still fill that tapestry. Sunsets might have been pale white or pink — or blazing red, with the remainders of thunderheads stacked sky high, a magnet for the heart and the eyes that had us standing out in … Continue reading

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Now that’s funny! (At least we thought it was)

My father bought a good camera for taking slides in the early 1950s.  He had an eye for nature photography and for everyday things. Unlike today’s clickety-clicking habits with our digital cameras, he made every shot count because it was … Continue reading

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April 18, 1905

Frederic and Johanna Hansen are pleased to announce the birth of their 6th daughter, Her name is Edith Mathea. She might have been the 8th  (or the 7th)of the twelve daughters; I don’t have the records handy but wanted to acknowledge … Continue reading

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It’s not a play on words. There really is strength in weakness.

What follows is a poem I wrote about thirty years ago as I was — well, you can read it for yourself. Then about twenty years ago, I printed up most of the poems from thise days and shared them … Continue reading

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Despair: It is what it is

The Bible never glosses over the fact that reality can become so impossible to process that individuals just throw their hands up and say, “No more. Can’t do it. I’m done.” Whether the thought is expressed with anger, fear or exhaustion, that … Continue reading

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