In the Presence of my Enemies

cross in dark cloudsHe has set a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

Psalm 23:5

In the midst of our troubles, our grief, our temptations and our fears – our cry is for escape.

We want to fly as a bird to the mountains and get out of the arena of conflict – but God sets up the table in the presence of our enemies.

We want the game called because of rain – but God sets up a table to refresh us in the flood.

We cry for angelic paramedics to get us out from under the crumbling walls – but God sets up a table to give us strength among the walls.

hiker, tiredWeakened and discouraged by the taunts of the enemy, we crawl into the back room of our trembling hearts and bury our head in our hands – and then we hear that strong voice call, “Dinner is ready!  The table is set! Come and dine, child!”

We already know the answer, but ask the question anyway, “Where, exactly, pray tell, is this table set?”

And He answers with good humor and power and grace, “In the presence of your enemies, child!  I will glory over you!  My love banner will fly over you while you eat.  They will just have to watch–helpless to get to you.  They will stand by while you get strength to defeat them.  Come, child.  The table is set…in the presence of your enemies!”

“You wouldn’t be so far from it now if you hadn’t run from the battle. I set it in the presence of your enemies so that you wouldn’t have to go far for nourishment.  A refreshing drink is just an arm’s length away.  Meat is right at hand.  When the battle is hot and you’ve been injured, my little warrior, you need what you need right there.  I will not ask you to walk miles for the help you need.  That’s why I set the table in the presence of your enemies.

When the heat is hottest, look for the table set by the Shepherd.

When the injuries mount, look for the table already set.

When enemies surround, look for the table.

God’s battle field doesn’t have any rear area.

He sets the table

 on the battlefield

 in the presence of our enemies.

hands, elderly woman

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