Letter to Rosebud: August 10, 1925

Aug 10—1925

Miss Edith Hansen

Dear Friend:

I took a trip to Sidney yesterday to see the folks, and was hoping to see you but as you were not there I would like to write to you.

Please do not think that I am too forward, as I surely wish to avoid that.

We are busy harvesting, and have a fair crop.

My brother and I are heading all our wheat this year. Some wheat has been threshed and the yields are from 8 to 20 bushels.

I suppose you had a good cool time in the park, while we had two very hot and dusty days driving from Livingston to Sidney.

That was really the only thing I didn’t enjoy.

My pictures turned out well but they can’t do justice to the real thing.

If you care, I should like to hear from you, or maybe we will meet again soon.


Immanuel Larsen

Rte #1, Culbertson, Mont.

Note: The setup for this(ese) letter(s) was as follows. Dad had driven his Model T Ford to Yellowstone Park where he delivered some cash to his brother Willie and his wife, Elvina. Dad then headed back to Culbertson, but stopped en route at Livingston, Montana where a Lutheran young people’s convention was taking place. That is where Dad and Mother met. This is the first letter that Dad wrote to Mother. The letter was transcribed verbatim from a copy of the original letter which is held by brother Fred. Copy was provided by Sher Castro.

–Calvin Larsen, December 26, 1999

Fred passed the originals of all of Dad’s letters on to me the fall of 2004 and they are all transcribed now.

–Sharon Larsen Torgerson, January 14, 2005

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