Letter to Rosebud: September 14, 1925

 Sept 14—1925

Dear Friend.

Rec’d your letter last week and was glad to hear from you again.

I was rather surprised to hear you are back in Sidney so soon. You came back about 2 hours after I left for home via Brorson, else I would have met the bus on the way.

Yes, Bainville is a great place to camp over night. I tried it last Christmas.

I took Mother and Lillie home Saturday the 5th, then stayed until Tuesday morning, taking in the fair Monday afternoon.\

Our wheat averaged 12 bushels, so we really had a good crop and everything to be thankful for.

It’s too bad your people didn’t get a little more, because 5 bushels is just about enough for expenses.

We didn’t enough rain for plowing yet. At present I am disking some breaking, and doing other small jobs.

I have a little over 100 acres to plow this fall if it rains, otherwise I will be pretty busy in the spring.

I am planning on coming to Sidney on Sunday. Will probably stop at Brorson for church in the morning, and come to town at noon.

May I have the pleasure of calling on you after noon?

This is the reason I am writing so soon; to give you time to answer if you have other plans. Just be frank about everything.



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