Letter to Rosebud: September 23, 1925

Sept 23—1925

Dear Friend.

I just came home from y.p. meeting “at Hofman’s in McCabe” and will write you a little so you can hear from me this week.

When I was ready to start for home last Monday the one tire was flat so I was delayed a little, and did not come home until about noon.

Am busy plowing on a place I rented about 2 miles from home.

I have dinner with the people who own the place, so that makes it pretty handy for me.

We are going to choir practice Friday evening, and see if the tunes are in order. It is several months since we met last.

I can’t be a very good member, because I spend too many Sundays in Sidney, and I don’t suppose it will be any less in the future.

I really haven’t got anything to write about tonight. Maybe I talked too much last Sunday.

Did Dr. P. bring any chickens home? Around here they are almost tame and I don’t shoot them. Would rather have them in the field than in the pan.

It is 11 oclock and past my usual hours, so I better close.

Am looking forward with pleasure to the next time I can see you.

Best Regards,


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