Letters to Rosebud: December 15, 1925

Dec 15–1925

Dearest Edith;

I may be going to town with wheat in the morning so I better begin writing a little.

Arrived home soon after dark yesterday. The road was awful slippery: seemed to be worse than Sunday but I didn’t go in the ditch any more.

I got a load of coal today and hauled some straw.

My days are not very busy just now. After New Year I’ll have more to do. Then we will be in the great year of our life.

Edith dear, don’t you think we are about the happiest mortals around here? Everything to look forward to and the dead past buried and forgotten. During Christmas we are going to get a line on all our plans, so we both have something definite to plan on.

I guess everybody will know we are going to be married, and they won’t wonder at us very long.

I suppose you and Esther and the other girls are eating that cake tonight.

I am going to write a letter to Eddie tonight but yours came first.

My fountain pen wants to blot, so I rounded up another old cripple, that is only hitting on 3.

I can’t think of a single thing to write except I love you more every day. Say, if you had wanted me to wait about 2 or 3 years, I would have made plans for kidnapping you. It would would be impossible to wait. You and I were just naturally made for one another somewhere about 5000 years ago.

It’s been a long time to wait but I’ve almost got you now.

Now we are nearing the beautiful Christmas time when we shall pause and see our Christ as the little child who came to save us. May we be as children and accept him in our hearts, to dwell there through the years that may come for us. Christmas always means more to children than to grownups, so I guess we should all be children again for a day or two in order to receive the true Christmas gift.

I’ll be looking for a chapter about Saturday.

With love,

from Immanuel

Dec 16, 9 a.m. (added to the same letter)

Good morning, and how is my Tweetie today. I’m just fine as the Irishman said. I only slept 11 hours last night. Got my wheat loaded before breakfast, and I ate a good solid one, so I am ready for most anything.

Don’t think we will see the sun today either, but I guess its around some place, so its all right. Only hope its sunshine on that wonderful May morning in 1926.

If I don’t write any more you may look for me Wednesday evening as we decided; unless there comes snow so I have to take the G. N. Rocket. Then I’ll come on Thursday afternoon for about 5 minutes.

I think this dreary fog will clear up without snow. The moon is coming into its own again. Well, I better close this stuff and get out and hitch up.

By By till we meet.

Your own


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