Letters to Rosebud: December 30, 1925

Dec 30—1925

Dear Rosebud.

First I shall wish you a very happy New Year; the year that is so rich in promises for us. May we be happy.

Arrived home O.K. shortly after noon, last Monday and haven’t done much since.

Yesterday we went fishing but only got 10. Came home at 1:00 A.M. this morning. Then I slept till 9:30. Don’t that break all records?

Jacob Thomsen had a bad fire Monday. He was heating up his car with a lantern under the hood, and everything covered tight, and first thing he knew it was ablaze; a Master Six Buick was a total loss, as well as his $2500 tractor which was in the same building.

I am sending to Montgomery for a 1926 wall paper catalog, as there may be something new to see. Then when you get that one from Sears we will surely have something to look at. It is getting real nice weather again, so I guess we will have our regular visit.

Have just had supper, or maybe it was dinner, and got the dishes washed. My appetite will probably return again. I haven’t been real hungry for over a week. That is bad. Are we going to park in the same location next time? Not so bad. Tonight I guess you are over scrubbing basement. Wish I was there to carry water.

I don’t know what to write. Only know one thing for sure; that is, I love you yet, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that disease? Guess its incurable.

That pen is running fine but my writing is getting worse, toward the end of the chapter. Will be looking for a letter on Saturday.

Love from your


Better look in a dictionary and see what a filbert is. I found that it is a cultivated hazelnut. I must spill a little wisdom sometimes.

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