Letters to Rosebud: December 9, 1925

Dec 9 – 1925

My Dearest Edith,

I think I promised you a letter this week, so here goes. Arrived home all safe about 3 o’clock and didn’t get much of anything done that day.

Yesterday I done my washing, and also scrubbed the floors of the rooms I occupy, and done some more pick up jobs. Today I helped Walter get his fodder hauled in. I just got home a few minutes ago. Was pretty lucky today; only had to make breakfast. In return Walter will haul a load of wheat for me. Now there are only 3 days left this week, and I must make a trip every day. How time does fly. Seems like I just came home and 2 days are gone like scat.

I surely hope this weather stays until Sunday; then we will have a nice trip. Of course we wouldn’t freeze even in zero weather but I like the sunshine, and I know my Tweetie does too. I have been looking over the furniture list again and it is a rather long one. Hope we can take a few minutes on Sunday to look over the rooms and plan how we will furnish. Won’t that be fun?

Willies were in Sidney last Sunday, and thought they met us in Fairview in the evening. I informed them they were mistaken.

You know I haven’t got a thing to write about except that I love you dearly, and pray every day that our life may be blessed and we always may have Jesus on the throne in our hearts.

It will be a happy day when I can lead you home as my bride. Then I will want to sit still and let the rest of the world go by.

Hope Vita is getting along well, and that the wonderful which she had is still there. Now they will be happy. Without our Savior, life is only a dreary blank.

Now, my love, you may look for me at 9 o’clock Sunday morning, and if the Ford holds together I’ll be there at that hour.

Your longing, loving


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