Letters to Rosebud: January 3, 1926

Jan 3—1926

Dear Love:

Now look what that new pen did. I guess its just a spell and it looks to be recovered already.

I have so much time on my hands tonight, that I want to have a little visit with you.

Next Sunday I’m going to see you in person unless the roads happen to block. In that case I will phone you at 2 P.M. Saturday. I was in town yesterday. Got a box of apples and other articles to consume. Also got some dandy calendars. I’m leaving them right in the envelopes, so you can hang them up when you move in.

I am certainly glad and thankful that you are coming soon. I wouldn’t stand this batching and loneliness much longer.

Walter came down last night, and hauled me along home for supper. Helped him cut up a quarter beef, so I got just the steak I liked for supper.

Am planning on taking a load of wheat in tomorrow. The roads are not very good just now but they may not get much better, and I should have all the wheat in by Jan 25th. There is too much snow for wagon to run easy and not enough for the sled. I always did manage someway, and I guess I will do so again.

Had a card from your father last Saturday. It came together with your letter. Just tell Hans I know how cases stand. I know we are heels over head in love. At least we show the usual symptoms.

I am just trying to clean up the last of my Christmas nuts tonight. Hope I succeed.

Have been rather busy in your woodpile the last few days, and it is growing. I guess everybody knows who I am chopping wood for.

Yes, dear Edith; we can begin with Jesus. Remember to pray for our future, then there won’t be any tragedy in our case. He is our best friend always.

Love from your


I heard Culbertson and Vida broadcast this afternoon.

Will be down for church next Sun if I can get up early enough.

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