Letters to Rosebud: November 19, 1925

Nov 29 — 1925

Dear Edith.

I received your letter yesterday and was rather surprised that you are going north; still it was to be expected. Do you think it will be O.K. for me to come on Sunday under the circumstances. If I don’t hear from you I’ll risk it. You may look for me about 9 oclock or soon after. I shall drive to your folks’ place first.

I am wondering how you got up there. I’m not a bit grouchy if you drove with someone else, or did you take the bus to Bainville tonight and then train tomorrow.

I had my Thanksgiving supper by Willie’s. We had turkey an’ everything. Got up two big loads of wood from the river last week. You see my future wife is going to have it nice. I expect to make another trip if the roads stay good. I also have two loads of hay to haul from the flat. Four of us bought a 13 ton stack and we expect to haul it this week.

Tomorrow I am going to see the dentist. I haven’t made a date, so maybe he won’t torture me until later.

I’m just so filled up with plans for our future, and do you know you are always in the middle of everything. When do you want me to sell your flax. I spose you are going to do a little speculating with it. I saw in a paper last night that when a man is in love he is willing to give his sweetheart everything; including himself. I guess that’s my case. You are welcome to everything, only love me as I love you.

I’ll tell you about that lady passenger on Sunday. Guess I’ll bring that Wall Paper catalog with me. Maybe we will have a chance to look at it.

I hope you are back in Sidney for Christmas, for that is where I am going to spend 3 or 4 days if is possible, and everything is possible for anyone with a case as pressing as mine.

Drop me a line if you find time. I don’t know how soon you will get this letter, so it may be too late. By By, my love, and remember to pray for our future, then we’ll be happy.

Your Immanuel

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