Letters to Rosebud: November 23, 1925

Nov 23—1925

My own dear:

I arrived home at 3 o’clock. Left Sidney about 10; then I stopped and gassed a little with Marius Hansen, where he is beginning to build his new place just north of Nels Nelsons. Well I finally got away from there but you see it was so great loafing weather, so I stopped in Fairview to see my old “comrade in arms” at the hardware store. About the first he said was “I hear you are going to get married.” I wanted to know who had supplied him with all the information, and he answered, Someone in Fairview who knows you.

They we went over to the Valley Cash Store and interviewed the guilty party. Result was that we all had lunch together like the best of old cronies. I bought a pail of honey from John, and a small tool from Iver, so you see we parted the best of friends.

I finally got up to the bridge about 12:30, but as a load of Mexicans with a team had just left the north end, I had quite a rest, “which I sorely needed.” I prowled around the river bank until they came across. They were jabbering in a strange tongue, and seemed to be feeling about right. The driver did talk U.S. to the horses. I think he called one of them Susie, or words to that effect. Well I finally got home after delivering some aluminum ware to Walter & Nina, which I had with from Sidney. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I had a lady passenger all the way. She didn’t get out of the car in Fairview or any other place. I had her in two places. The half in the seat beside me and the other half under the rear deck. That’s a puzzle for you. It’s all true. If you can’t guess it, ask Lillie.

Oh yes, John just got a letter from an old sweetheart today but didn’t think much of it. He is probably getting from so many that it is no occasion in his young to get one.

He only got as far as Albert, CA yesterday. He was coming over to Jim’s but then got interested at Alberts. Wouldn’t it have been fine if he had come over. Then your old admirers would be nearly all collected at once, and what a feeling of victory I would have.

Well, if you didn’t know before that I was a fool you know it now.

I am glad we decided on May now. I’m satisfied, and we are just going to have the most wonderful bang. Flower girls and all. I have been looking at wall paper samples and furniture tonight. Finding everything to make a real pretty love nest. My mother asked me right out this morning when we were being married, and I told her right out, with instructions that it was not to be published, but she don’t do that anyway. I knew you wouldn’t mind, and she has a right to know. Probably planning a little, too.

(Pussy is in splendid health.)

Next week I will write and tell you all about Thanksgiving and everything else I know, and as it won’t snow you may look for me on Dec 6th, unless I should go west with them pigs, but I don’t think that will be until about the 9th, if at all. How is “Fruen”? Good. Just as I expected.

Now don’t forget to write me a chapter; but you are punctual always, so I’ll expect one on Saturday. I know I was selfish last night, so I am glad I gave in, and then you met me halfway. Good shot. Isn’t love a wonderful thing.

Good bye my dear and God bless you. From your own


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