Letters to Rosebud: October 13, 1925

October 13, 1925

Dear Edith.

I just came home from the field well soaked, so I will write you a little till the sun comes out, if it does.

Sunday night I came home just as the clock the struck the solemn hour of midnight. That was pretty good time considering that I drove right under a train on the way. Yes, I really did. Of course, I drove under a bridge while the train was passing over. I sang all the songs I ever heard, and a lot that no one ever heard before, so you see I was feeling about right.

When you write you can tell me what time I may call for you on Saturday the 24th, if it don’t snow.

I really don’t have any news, except that which I don’t like to trust to paper.

Oh, Edith, I hope we never will regret the step we have taken, and I am sure we never will if we continue as we begin; with Jesus as our helper. Then nothing can go wrong.

I am as happy as the first lark in the spring; have every reason to be.

Now we can just hope for good weather until, well, all winter. I wonder how it would go if we get a hard winter. Then I’ll have to walk to Sidney once a month; the train is too slow.

However, I’m not going to cross any bridges before I get there.

The mailman will soon be here now, and it is about time I am thinking about dinner. We get mail on Tue, Thurs, and Saturday, right to the door.

Better quit my scribbling for this time, wishing you pleasant days and sweet dreams.



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