Letters to Rosebud: February 11, 1926

Feb 11—1926

Dear Bubbles.

Well how are you this bright morning. Hope you feel fine like I do. Have just had my breakfast, so I will write you before I get hungry again.

I got home alright last Monday even if it was rather late. The roads were pretty wet and heavy all the way, but the little Ford kept plugging.

Last night I was to Y.P. meeting at Ole Olsens. There was quite a bunch there; about 25 or 30 I guess. Mrs. Olsen said it was something new to see me in again. In a couple of months I’ll take you with me then they can see the reason for my frequent absence now. You are a pretty good reason anyway.

Say; my finger is Size 11. Did you says yours was 7 or 7 ½? I can’t remember six inches these days, but I think it was 7 ½.

I forgot to ask you what time of the day you are going to have that wedding. You might tell me next time you write. And by the way; will you please write a day or so sooner next week, because it will lose a day in Culbertson. I am thinking of getting new window shades, at least for the two south rooms, dining and front bedroom. I suppose you want those buff ones, like Vita’s. The ones in there now are nearly new, but they can be moved in the kitchen and other rooms where they are needed. Do you want the front bedroom or the one by the kitchen? Of course, I’ll keep my den.

I had a fine washday Tuesday. Used snow water. Even got the ironing done. Oh, I’m some bachelor. We cleaned wheat yesterday,. Almost done now. Guess I am going up to see Walter & Nina some evening this week.

This about all the news I have this time. I hope you are well and happy, looking forward with joy to April 10, you may be sure I am doing so. Will write you on next Tuesday and tell you what the sheriff done to me.



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