Letters to Rosebud: February 16, 1926

Wolf Point

Feb 16—1926

Dear Sweetheart.

Well here I am all settled down for a week or two.

We’ll probably get out about the 25th if everything goes on schedule. That’s not so bad.

Albert Jensen and I got a room together, so I have some company.

I hope the roads smooth out a little before the 28 else it will be a slow trip north but I am coming anyway.

The court sessions are held in the Palm room of the Sherman hotel and a swell place it is to be sure. Haven’t been on any cases yet. Was examined for a jury this morning but I knew too much about that case so they couldn’t use me.

I was up by Walter & Nina’s Sunday. Willie’s drove to Sidney last Saturday, coming back next Sunday. I did their chores.

Haven’t got many news this time it seems. Of course, I got your letter Saturday and was glad to hear from you. It’s good you are busy; then the time goes sooner. I’ll have enough to do when I get home again, to prepare for everything for the coming event.

I may write you another letter the last of the week if I get lonesome. It’s a kind of visit with you but not anywhere like the real thing. I surely love my Edith and long for the happy day.

Say, do you want two rods on the double window or one long one to reach clear across. Of course I know you want the double rods in any case.

I’ll be looking for a letter from you pretty soon now.

My heart “or something inside anyway” is so full of love and longing for you that I can’t begin to express it.

It was a happy day that I met you, and know there are many more in store for us.

Greet everybody and excuse my scribbling. Am writing on my suitcase.

Love from your


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