Letters to Rosebud: February 20, 1926

Feb 20–1926

Dear Sweetheart.

I rec’d your welcome letter this morning and certainly was glad to hear from you. Don’t know for sure if I can get off today and go home over Sunday. Court won’t sit until Tuesday morning as Monday is a holiday. Proceedings are going very slowly. Only on the 3rd jury case yet and there are least 6 more. We may move faster later on.

A week ago 2 boys in a Ford disappeared. no search was made for 5 days as their folks, who live south of the river, thought they were visiting their uncle north of town. Then Wednesday evening the car was located in the river, where there was a hole. It took 24 hours to get the car out, but both bodies were recovered. I saw them last night. The funeral will be tomorrow, Sun afternoon, at the Presbyterian church. If I don’t go home this P.M., I am going to attend.

It surely is terrible for the parents to lose their boys that way. They were 18 and 21 years, and real fine looking fellows.  You might tell your dad that Paul Nielsen is also here these days.

I haven’t got any news you would care to hear. Every day is about alike. Lawyer arguments, and an awful lot of air being wasted. I always want to live at peace with everyone, so there will be no occasion to go to court. A person will surely be made a fool there if he never was one before.

So you thought I had got tired of you? Well, I guess not so soon.

It snowed a very little here this morning, but has stopped again. Hope there don’t come any more, also that I get out before the 28th. Wouldn’t it be awful if there went 4 weeks between our visits.

I forgot to tell you last time that I had a card from Esther inviting me to Y.P.M. at Hansens and of course to go around after you. She don’t ask much. I wrote her a note expressing my regrets. I guess she is lonesome for big sis at times. Say we will drive to Sidney on your birthday if it is possible, and see them all. But then I suppose Esther will be home.

Just read your letter again. Yes, time does fly. Only 7 weeks from today is the happy day. After my next visit I’ll get right down to the final preparations. We must have a good talk about everything so we can get it all straight.

Knutes spring suits are coming in during March, so I will be able to get the pick of a full stock. Oh happy day, soon a-coming. Last night Albert and I were down in the Clerk & Recorder’s office, and saw how everything was handled there. He is a former Dane Valley man, and we had quite a visit.

I get paper for nothing today as O am smearing a lot of it up. This is not where I stay, but court is held here and there is such a big nice lobby to sit in, so we hang out here between sessions.

I guess this is all now.

Will write the first of the week again, and hope for a speedy wind up.

Your true love,


I can’t express on paper everything I want to. May our love always be true to one another, and our God, then the pathway of life will be bordered with roses even if there is a thorn among them.

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