Letters to Rosebud: February 25, 1926

Feb 25–1926

Dearest Edith:

I just got your last letter this noon, and I’ll drop you a line, hoping you get it on Saturday.

At this time I cannot say for sure if we will get done this week, but things are moving a little faster than last week.

I was on one case yesterday, and was drawn for another today; which we expect to finish about 4 oclock. That may give time to set a jury for the one following.

It surely has been fine weather. It is a little colder today, but then it is winter yet, I guess.

I’m sure you will be happy at 5:00 o’clock April 10, and it will not be alone that you are over the rush, but also that you love your big boy. Please don’t work yourself to a shadow.

I got a letter from Lillie a few days ago. I guess they were to have quite a celebration Feb. 22.

I don’t have any news, as I wrote everything there was last time. Don’t give up hope of seeing me on Sunday until 4 oclock, but if I don’t come you can blame it on the judge and please don’t cry too much.

Then drop me a line and tell me how we can manage a visit after you are in Westby.

But, I hope and I am fairly sure of coming sometime on Sunday.

From your loving


Shall I send your mail c/o John Johnson next week? if I don’t come Sun.

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