Letters to Rosebud: January 13, 1926

Jan 13—1926

Dearest Edith:

I have just come from Y.P.M. at Walter and Nina, but as this is Wednesday I must let you hear from me.

We got home at 6:30 and everything was in fine shape. I unwrapped all the stuff and put it in the front bedroom. We are certainly going to have a nice home when the rest comes, and we get painted and papered and everything set in place.

I guess you will be the last to move in. That means I hope to have everything in place before our wedding day. We surely have a lot to be thankful for. We have one another, which is the most important, but then we can also enjoy the other pretty things.

Today I had washday all around. Also scrubbed floors, so I am as ready for visitors as a bach can be. That new wall paper catalog didn’t show up yet. I hope it comes before the 24th. That is the day I am coming south again, if it don’t snow; which it won’t when I go visiting. I don’t mind the windy weather we are having as long as it is pushing the snow off. Now there isn’t much left out here.

That dresser top is 18 X 40 inches, so you won’t need to go down to Dies (?) if you haven’t been there yet. I’m just as satisfied as I can be about everything now. I was a little worried about spring, before we made that change, but now all my troubles are ended. I want you to be glad also that it will be sooner.

Just think, in three short months we will be together all the time, to share our joys as well as sorrows, and both we can share with our Father in heaven. I’ll be busy nearly every day till spring, and am glad of it. That makes the time go quicker. I guess you won’t be idle either.

Work and pray together and life will be “lyst og lykkeligt” was what your father told me. When I come down again, I’ll rob the bank for you, so you can spread out a little. It’s only 1 o’clock yet and I have a chapter left in a book, so I’ll get done yet.

Love from

Your Immanuel

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