Letters to Rosebud: January 17, 1926

Jan 17–1926

Dearest Rosebud:

Rec’d your letter yesterday, and as there are going to be great changes I’ll write tonight. Enclosed you will find a check. Just present it at the Sidney National and get your dough.

You may be sure I’ll be there on Saturday if the roads are open which I hope. Now another thing; I want you to move with me down to the folks on Saturday so we can get a good start Sunday morning. Can you manage it? I’ll call at Parson’s some time after noon, or you can still drop me a line this week.

I can’t say I’m so sorry that you are going home now. That will give you plenty time to get ready for the wedding. No pale or thin girls go around my wedding, you know. Hope you gain about 10 pounds.

Today I was up to Fred Fryhling’s for dinner, and just came home now at 10 o’clock. Of course, they wanted to know when the big bang was coming off. I told them; some time before the next presidential election . That’s in Nov 1928. They seemed to doubt it all, and looked very wise.

However, they didn’t make any cracks about a truck. I wander where we were when Rev. Nielsen saw us. We saw Mrs. N, but that was before we had anything loaded.

I sold a batch of the wheat the other day for 1.60. (that would be the bushel price)

I got that new wall paper book, but it is worse than the old one. I’ll bring it anyway. I’m writing to the folks tonight so they will know what to expect. Hope everything will be nice for another week. Don’t you think we are having a most wonderful winter?

I suppose you are staying at Parson’s until the end of the week, otherwise you will surely get this letter anyway.

Am rather short of news just now. Hauling wheat pretty steady. Have 2 more loads to haul to make up the 500 I sold. Then I may not haul more till next week. If you have anything special to write about you might try to get it in Wednesday’s mail, so I can get it Thursday even if I don’t go to town.

Goodnite, Dearie. From your true love,


See you Saturday P.M. or telephone to 8.1

(addition to same letter)

Jan 18–1928

Good morning sweetheart.

Well, here we are, Monday morning and it is snowing very nicely. I don’t suppose there will come over a yard of it.

I got my wheat loaded up and got breakfast on the stove, so I thought I would write you a little P.S.

In case you have to take the train home, which I don’t think, then you must be sure leave Sidney on Monday the 25th. Then I will see you somewhere along the line.

I guess this is about all for this time. But I’ll see you Saturday.

Oh, I’m so glad we love one another! Sometimes I am just bubbling over, and everybody must see there is something wrong, or rather all right.

Your Immanuel

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