Letters to Rosebud: January 31, 1926

Jan 31–1926

Dear Love:

Well here is the last evening in January. I rec’d your letter yesterday and of course was glad to get it.

Friday I was in after the buffet & table, also ordered your sewing machine, and a bunch of dishes. Say, we are going to have a swell place, but I suppose we will be almost broke when it’s all over; still, I am still within my original figures, so it’s not so bad. I got the buffet set up, and do you know, it is very nice. Even has a small ledge over the mirror, which I wasn’t looking for. I don’t expect to set the table up until the room is papered, as it will not pass thru an ordinary door.

I had my dinner up at Willies’ today, but came home rather early to warm up the house. Next Sunday, I hope to be up to see you if it don’t snow or blow any more.

We got considerable snow here, but all the roads are broken again. I know for sure that I can make Coalridge if the weather stays decent, and then I can walk the rest of the way if necessary. However, I won’t come until Sunday morning. Do you realize that we have never missed a visiting Sunday yet? I don’t think we will miss next Sunday either, but it all depends.

I told you last time that my back was better. Well, it was, but not much. I haven’t done a tap of real work yet but tomorrow I begin. It is really very near well now. I’ll rub a lot of liniment on tonight and be as limber as a snake in the morning. That long sack is standing right here behind me yet, and every so often I give it a piece of my mind, but that don’t seem to have helped my back any. No, I guess liniment is better.

Willie drove in with the truck to get that furniture, so I got another ride, and saved lifting.

I may be able to mail this letter via the Froid route tomorrow, as I am going up to help Willie fan grain, so you can get it Wed, and let me know all about the roads in your country. If the mailman up there comes in car yet then I can follow his trail from Coalridge to the church.

However, I won’t worry more about this now. Time will tell, and we will soon be together for keeps, but it certainly would be a real calamity to miss one single visit, wouldn’t it?

Hope you are enjoying good health as your honor am.

There are so many things I would like to talk about, but they will have to wait until I see you.

Love from your happy (future) Hubby

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