Letters to Rosebud: February 23, 1926

Feb 23–1926

Dear Sweetheart.

We got excused last Saturday about 10 minutes after I mailed that last letter, so we just jumped the Skidoo for home. Spent 2 days at home and came back last night. I can’t say yet when we will get done but if I have to stay over next Sunday I’ll tear something up for sure. Don’t give up hopes of seeing me until 3 P.M. next Sun.

You see we might get off late Saturday then it will be past midnight before I get home. Of course I’ll come even it is pretty late in the day when I wake up. Isn’t it just glorious weather these days. Too nice to sit around here.

Say, your sewing machine is in Culbertson now. We didn’t uncrate it yet, but I guess it is O.K. The dishes I ordered first were out of stock, but I saw the salesman about 2 weeks ago, and ordered the same of a new pattern, which I know you will like. Sure everything will be fine.

I asked Frank Nelsen to be my best man. He is perfectly willing; and of course, I had to tell him about when it was to be, so I ‘spose the cat is out of the bag. Anyhow the whole world; including McCabe is welcome to know it. I haven’t seen young Hofman yet. Ole Olsen and Oscar Jensen were in Wolfe Point today to see about some school business, so we had a chat with them. They had Mrs. along. Anna pitied Albert and I that we were so far away from home and looked so lonesome. I just told her not to worry about us.

Yesterday morning I fixed the Ford all up for a quick trip next Sunday if I can make it. If I don’t come you can look for a letter soon after, but I hope to get done before Sunday. Otherwise I may come as soon as I am off even if it isn’t on a Sunday, but you can advise me about that.

I may not be wanted after you get in to John’s. Then just tell me so. I guess my feelings will stand it.

Now there is only about 6 weeks until our wedding day, and our married life begins.

Oh, I hope we always may live together in love and perfect understanding. Never should there be any secrets we try to hide, and which might cool our love. I guess you know what I am trying to say. There are too many unhappy marriages. I have been so close to one myself that I recoil from the very thought of a possibility. No, never will ours come to that. Jesus, our Savior, will help us to be faithful always.

Now let us hope for a visit on Sunday. Good weather and good roads, and everything else good. Will look for a letter about Friday.

From your “near future” Hubby,


Excuse my pencil and Kragetoer.

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