Letters to Rosebud: March 10, 1926

Mar 10–1926

Dear Rosebud.

Well, tonight there is only one month till we are husband and wife. Our work is progressing very well. We finished the two bedrooms yesterday all right. Today we made the north room and ceiling on the kitchen, and a few strips of sidewall, so there is only about 3 hours work left.

I’ll tell you we are going to have a nice house. The kitchen is going to be simply wonderful. I am going to Culbertson after paint tomorrow and get started brushing right away.

We were up at Willies for supper tonight. Of course I had to take a bunch of stuff, but I guess I’m too old to blush very much. I got your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear a little. Will look again about Saturday.

Mother put your stuff away in a bureau drawer where it would be away from the dust.

If the weather stays as nice as it has been I’ll have everything spick and span in about a week. Am going to look for the new shades tomorrow. I’ll try to keep the sun out of the south room when they are done.

Do you know I have almost run out of anything to say. I know you like to hear how everything is going. Wish you were a little closer so you could come and boss a little once in a while. Now I will be saving everything for a surprise in another month, and you will just have to be satisfied.

I’ll be there on the 21st or bust.

Everything is in the wildest disorder around here now, but it will probably look stiff and prim when you come that you will scatter it around to make it a fit place to live in. Say, this kitchen ceiling shines like bewitched. I’ll have to be careful and not smoke it up too much. Guess I’ll live in the cellar out of tin cans for fear of spotting things up; and sleep in the chicken coop.

Will close for tonight.

God bless you, dear.

From your


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