March 2, 1926

Monday evening

Dear Love.

I just arrived home a few minutes ago, and have written to the Clerk of Court to get my mileage, so I am going to send you a chapter right away. The roads to Medicine Lake were enough to break the heart of anyone who loves his Ford. They were really the worst streak I ever bumped over; and how Lizzie can hang together and continue percolating is beyond me; but she did. From the Lake and home it went O.K. real fine road. If there isn’t a change for the better on my next trip I’d be tempted to take the train. Even if the car plugs thru it is a costly trip.

I only used 3 gal gas from Westby and to Froid, so that don’t mean much; but oh these bumps. Enough of this.

I got your fancy work box on a safe place, and am now trying to warm up the house. Tomorrow I have to help Willie haul hay. We are going thru McCabe so I’d try to see Holger Hofman, and get his verdict.

One of the boys who were to Y.P.M. last night waved by-by to me over at Spoklie’s mail box when I went home, but don’t know who he was.

Please tell Mrs J.P. that you don’t want more than 1 pound of pepper. She might see that I get a jar of horseradish and a bottle of olives, as these are the only two things I don’t like. I tasted the former a short time ago and added to the impossible olives. You see I am feeling allright by all this gas.

I suppose Esther is camping in Bainville tonight. We are going early in the morning so I might say how de do in McCabe at train time.

This is only a lot of scratches. Of course, you know I haven’t got a thing to tell so soon outside of the old old story of love. Shall drop another line later in the week, so cheer up; but surely you can’t get blue where you are now.

I hardly think I’ll come before Mar 21 next time. If I go after my mother in about a week, then she will stay about a week and I expect Dad and Lillie will come after her on the 14th, but we’ll see about that.

I think you would rather have a three week skip this time, and then there is only 2 weeks till Easter Sunday. I know I would. Then the house may be pretty near done, and I can tell you all about it.

I may get the coal bin filled up this week. Can do that job on 2 days as I can haul 3 loads in a day. Then I should also get your machine this week, and be all set for a busy time next week.

Will say goodnight, and a lot of love for the one who is precious to me.

From your


Here’s my list

Mr. & Mrs. Soren Larsen & family

Box 474 Sidney, Mont

Mr. & Mrs Willie Larsen & family

R#1 Culbertson Montana

Mr & Mrs Eddie Larsen & family

Box 624 Libby, Montana

Mr & Mrs Walter Nelson

R #1 Froid Montana

Mr Frank Nelsen

McCabe Mont

Miss Carrie Hofman

McCabe Mont

Will let you know what Holger Hofman says in my next letter or as soon as I have seen him. His address is also McCabe. You won’t be mailing them for a while anyway.

Did I forget anyone?

Ta ta

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