Letters to Rosebud: March 15, 1926

Mar 15, 1926

Dear Rosebud.

Do you know it is a solid week tomorrow since I had a letter from you.

I suppose you are too busy to write so often, or else the mail got slowed up, but I am not a bit peeved. Am looking for a letter tomorrow.

Well, we got done papering Thurs afternoon, and I am well along with the painting. Can finish up on about 2 days more.

Dad and Lillie came about evening Saturday and they all drove home yesterday afternoon. Today I have been down helping Chris Fryhling with his well. We had a big job and just got done at 7 P.M. about an hour ago.

Tomorrow I am going to have oats ground if it isn’t too windy, but that is about the daily rule now. I expect to get the house pretty near done this week, even if I have a lot of other things to do. The new shades came and I have them up in the front bedroom which is all done.

Next Sunday you may look for me sometime between 9 and 10. I am going to make a real early start if we don’t have a new snowstorm. In that case, I’ll come when I can, but I just got to get through. I spose you have been longing for your big boy sometimes. I certainly have wished to see you, but as I have been very busy, time has gone fast.

I don’t think there are very many special news, but when I see you, there is always a lot to gas about. Just think: only about 3 weeks more till the big day, and we will both be as happy as can be.

I suppose you plan on being home at Easter and stay home the last week of your girlhood. I am certainly getting it in the neck from all quarters these days. It isn’t any secret around here that I am “taking unto myself a wife.” Fred Fryhling has promised me tin cans with stones in them. Well, I guess his bark is worse than his bite. Just here Fred rang me up and told me to come around and look at a milk cow. I was asking him about it today. Maybe we can make a deal. I guess we don’t want to get along with the red and white tin cows that one milks with a can opener. I have to run to town soon to get a little more paint and see if my wedding “gown” has arrived yet. Ain’t we got fun. Oh say, Eddie has moved and his new address is 712 6th Ave W. Kalispell, Mont.

Don’t suppose you have mailed those invites yet; otherwise it will find him allright. I wish they could come, but I rather doubt it.

On Thursday evening the choir is going to give a big song program, and we are to have lunch in the basement. The kitchen has just been all fixed up, and we are going to see if the coffee tastes any better now.

Do you know you are going to have a pretty nice kitchen too. It surely looks light with that new paper.

Walter & Nina got that Montgomery tile in their kitchen, which we were looking at, but I must praise your judgment in wanting that from Sears. We got a lot the nicest; I think.

If everything goes per plans I am going around Plentywood next Monday, and see if I can get a permit to marry a Sheridan County girl. That will save me quite a few miles later on when I am liable to be busy. We may in the field around Easter, so I will want to go home that evening in order to get as much done as possible.

Dad gave us $30 to help on the house overhauling. That helps pretty well. Have bought for $45 now. I wanted to divide even, but Dad is allright and went over the limit. They are going to drive up here Friday evening and be ready for the last lap in the morning.

Now you see I have inked up a lot of paper and not said much. I guess I won’t write any more this week, but you just look for me Sunday. If I don’t make it then it won’t be my fault.

From your happy


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