Letters to Rosebud: March 23, 1926

Mar 23–1926

I’ll try to scribble a few lines so you won’t be disappointed tomorrow.

Got home all O.K. at 2:30 yesterday. The road was fine from Plentywood but there were quite a few mud holes before I got there.

I found another Ford stuck in the mud hole where our friend sat in the morning. That’s one place I can get thru, but hope it is dry next time we cross. I got the license all right. Only I didn’t know what your mother’s maiden name was, so I got permission to fill that in later on.

Was also in and had a talk with my friend, the Judge. He seemed glad to see me. Said I looked happy enough to be married already. I told him you had promised to be good to me, and he thought I was O.K. then.

Also ran to Culbertson and got my blues yesterday. They fit like the paper on the wall. There is the mailman at the box right now, but as I am going to McCabe at 1 oclock for telephone meeting, I will be my own postman.

Have been in the field this A.M. Now it is blowing like two of a kind.

I painted some of the chairs last night for the second time and they look pretty good now.

I can smell something on the stove so I better go and save my dinner.

This is only some disconnected scribbling but I know you will look for it.

Any letters I mail next Tuesday or after I shall send out in the country.

Love from your Immanuel

Will drop a line later in the week

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