Letters to Rosebud: March 3, 1926

Mar 3—1926

My own dearie.

Well, here I am again.

Today I have hauled 4 tons of coal home for you.

Tomorrow I am going to Culbertson with a load of wheat and bring out your sewing machine.

I have ordered the shades and curtain rods, so things are picking up.

Will it be early enough to see Rev Beck on Mar 21, do you think? Or maybe I better write sometime soon.

I saw Holger Hofman yesterday and he said it was O.K. so be sure to include him in your invites.

Am going to Sidney on Sunday after my mother. Am going early enough for church. Expect to visit all the young ladies down there. I’ll tell them you are well and expect to be an old maid—about a month more. Or was it a young maid? I guess so.

How can I possibility have any news to write. I like to smear up a lot of paper even if I don’t say anything.

Chris Fryhling has a mule colt running around the country, which I have been teasing him about. Today he threatened to make me a wedding present of it. Guess I had better be good, and avoid having that thing on my hands.

Frank Nelsen works in the coal mine. He grins at me every time he comes out with a car. When I got my last load he asked if that was enough to keep you warm all summer.

I’ll mail you another letter or Tuesday, and tell you how far we are getting with the job. I’ll be a busy boy for a week or two. The gophers are out down here and it might look like spring is here. That’s all right if we get plenty rain later on.

I guess we will be about cleaned when the wedding is over, and new machinery bought as well as all the other farm expenses, but we are young and will pull together and make a living anyway. We have about everything we need indoors and out, so it is only money in another form.

It is nice to have a pretty home, and I know we won’t be sorry that we spent something to get it now.

The rest of the jurors came home last night. Several cases were carried over till the next term of court.

Judge Paul got a message calling him home, as his wife was very sick with pneumonia.

There seems to be quite a lot of flue around, but it is a mild form. Sidney is having a good deal of it.

Now dearie, you be careful and don’t go and get sick.

March is the dangerous month for everybody, in the cold and flu line.

Walter & Nina are papering their home now.

I have no more to write this time. I’m happy in thinking of the future. It is good to have someone to love and work for. Home will be a real place when you come down here. Now it is a kind of filling station between hops. Will be looking for a letter from my love soon.

Your Immanuel

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