Letters to Rosebud: March 8, 1926

Mar 8–1926

Dear Sweetheart:

Well, the grand business of overhauling the house is under way. I got my mother yesterday, making the round trip in one day, which is something unusual for me.

We got the wall board on the ceiling of the dining room this forenoon, and the paper this afternoon, and it looks swell. Everything is going slick. I didn’t know I was a halfway paperhanger till today, but I won’t crow too soon.

Mrs. Isaac Hansen told me yesterday that it was too bad we didn’t come down there 3 weeks ago. She seemed about as jolly as ever.

We had two flat tires on the way home, so I had to exercise a little patience, and we got home all right.

It’s over 10 o’clock and I have been busy right up to this time preparing for a big day tomorrow. Am going to try to make the front bedroom “I won’t say south”, and my little bedroom. I think we’ll make it. Have to greet you from mother. She says the cobwebs over the stove are coming down tomorrow. I’m afraid you won’t see those particular ones any more.

Dad and Lillie are coming on Saturday so I will hardly be able to come to next Sunday, but I know that you are not expecting it now, from your last letter. I’ll be there on the 21st for sure, and hope I’ll be able to tell you about a completed job; as far as I can go.

We’ll probably paint the dining room ceiling. It should be a cream or light buff, I guess. I won’t smear anything loud on it. I’ll write you again in a few days and tell you the rest of the news if there are any.

I’m going to climb to bed right away, pronto.

From your loving


Say, won’t we be happy?

I know we will.

Jesus helps us every day.

Life is sweet.

Sure it is.

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