Letter to Rosebud: March 28, 1926

Sunday Mar 28

Dear Rosebud,

Today I just beat it right home, because I wanted to spend this Sunday afternoon all alone. I guess it is good to be alone and do a little thinking sometimes.

Have just had my “kaffe slat” so felt like writing a little.

I got your letter yesterday.

Willie and George were down here yesterday farming wheat, and I gave them dinner. George said it looked like I had been feathering my nest a little, which I had to admit. When they got done here we all went up to Willies to clean oats. I had my seed up there, too, as Willie had brought it out from McCabe for me when I was in Wolf Point. About the first thing I got up there was a look at a wedding invitation which they had received. Seems it came from Westby. George read it thru very studiously. About next Sunday. I can’t possibly get Frank and Holger along as there is going to be confirmation here, and one of Holger’s sisters is in the class. It would be the best, but maybe they can come early enuf on the 10th, otherwise I’m sure we can make it all right; so don’t be too disappointed.

We are all such wonderfully bright people that we can remember what you tell us. Do you really think that Lillie is so much brighter? Well, maybe she is.

Don’t you think we are having some great weather now days? It’s cold enuf to freeze a brromstick. I got my new drill home and set up ready to go. Hope I get a little more field work done before the wedding, so I won’t be crowded too much later on.

I am going to town tomorrow so you will get this letter before you go home. I am also planning on my last bachelor wash day tomorrow, so you won’t have a pile of dirty rags look at you on arrival. Have soon got cream enuf to churn, then you can judge if I am a buttermaker or not.

This noon when I sat at the kitchen cabinet eating dinner, the door opened and Mrs. Nels Jorgensen slid a big loaf of rye bread in front of me, and I proceeded to cut a slice right away. I ground some rye meal for them, then they bring me a loaf once in a while. Won’t it be a good one if they come with bread for me in about 2 weeks. Well, we will just eat it if they do, no trouble at all.

(then three pages written in Danish)

Well now I have done my chores and had supper so you better get another chapter. I have been making a map for our visitors to consult on the way to Coalridge on April 10th. Everybody can find to Dagmar but after that most people are lost, because they all want to go east. But I guess my map will get them right.

I suppose they will all come in a bunch, about 4 cars. I’ll bet Lillie is up in the air in suspense already. She won’t be able to study very much next week.

It certainly is going to be some real celebration; something better than the 4th of July.

If I can’t get in the field for a few days, I better unpack and wash all the new dishes and see how many are broken. I don’t think there are any as they are packed pretty well. I don’t know if I should hang any pictures up. You might want a different arrangement with them. They are all piled up, but if the big ones get too much in my way I may hang them the way I like them.

I really should soon be out of something to say, or maybe out of ink. You’ll think this is the fattest letter you ever got, and if Mrs. Johnson hold of it first you’ll never hear the last of it. Isn’t that new arrival going to arrive soon? No, I’m not interested.

Don’t forget to order your flowers for the morning of the 10th and tell the druggist if he fails to have them there on time he will need flowers himself, as your future one who is going to call for them is 7 feet tall and as a strong as a locomotive, and can’t take a joke; if it would be one. I’m sure I don’t know what long sentence means, but maybe you can figure it out.

Goodnight for tonight.

Till we meet again.

Maybe in dreamland.

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