Letters to Rosebud: Mar 31, 1926

Mar 31 – 1926

Dear Edith.

Here we are at the last evening in this month. Tomorrow it is April 1 and I am going to be real careful that nobody fools me. I expect a letter from you, and hope I don’t get fooled on that.

I don’t know when you will get this, but hope it is before Sunday.

Isn’t it funny weather? I can’t make it out at all. Just wonder what there is coming. Is it going to be spring or a snowstorm? No doubt a snow would be the best thing but I don’t want to see it for another week. Had hoped on getting in the field but the ground is too frozen yet. The ducks were going north by the thousands this afternoon, but about dark some were coming back. I guess they failed to find open water around Coalridge and decided to spend the night on the Missouri. They fly over a mile a minute so it doesn’t take so long.

I cleaned the cellar out nice yesterday and washed the new dishes, and hung pictures and cleaned up around the house and shot a gopher and chopped some wood and finished up on my drill and a million other things – oh, yes – there was one dish broken, but I’ll order that next trip to town.

Today I stayed in the woodpile pretty steady. Tomorrow I am going to churn. Got 2 gallons of AaA No. 1 cream, real OK stuff, doncher know. I’ll get lard anyway. Haven’t got the Ford cleaned up yet. It don’t take long and I expect a little wet anyway. It’s too cold for the fingers.

We don’t want to ridge in a mudball next Saturday so I must get it done soon. Am just wondering if this is the last letter I write to you. Next week will be only 4 days parting and I could almost beat a letter. Look for me at 9 oclock Sunday morning. Hope everything goes well so we can follow our plans.

Got so much to tell you that I’m afraid I won’t get started at all.

Till we meet.

Your Immanual

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