Letters to Rosebud – March 24, 1926

March 24—1926

Dear Edith.

Well I just wrote a letter to Sidney so you better get yours while I am warmed up. I have been busy in the house all day. Finished painting and got the rug down in the dining room; also got the table set up. It certainly is a dandy. Do you know that room is a pippin now. The only thing I don’t like is that the floor is too rough. I put paper under, but guess it will have to have some more to fill the low spots here and there. I got some dust inside yesterday, that made things look grimy for a while, but I chased out all I could find, and not with a dry broom either; no I scrubbed the floors. I just had enough floor paint left to wet a cat’s nose, but I made it anyhow. Think I’ll let you paint the kitchen woodwork if you think it needs another coat. Our farming got stopped, so I just pushed this job over today. Otherwise I would have done it evenings. Also got your sewing machine set up. I guess it is allright. Nice plain cabinet with no crevices to catch dirt. Well, you will soon see it all, but I like to tell you about it, and it is all I have to write anyway.

I’m just as happy as can be about everything. God is good. He gave us one another, and a nice place to live. Let our whole life be spent serving Him as our Lord, then we will be truly happy. I just won’t think of any chance of unhappiness. Life is as we make it. With true love we can never make a mistake.

Tonight there are only 17 days more of single blessedness? For me and when you read this, there will be still less and I suppose you will only have 2 or 3 more letters from your bachelor. Tell Mrs. Johnson that I am going to keep you for good and she can’t get you any more, when she has need of a girl.

It is turning colder tonight so I am not looking for any more snow. This is our regular spring equinox storm period, and will soon blow over, at least before our wedding day. If it is fit to go cross country on Easter Sunday then we will take a spin over and talk with Rev. Beck. I spose there are a lot of things you want to talk about.

Well in a few days the whole United States will be discussing the approaching wedding. Ain’t we got fun. We sho is. Fifty invites and what if they should all come? That would be more fun yet.

Guess I better ring off on this stuff and send 25 cents for a Farm paper. They sent me about a ½ doz cards for a present and real pretty postals at that, so I better pay up for another year.

Good night my dear, and grow nice and fat.

From your loving


Be sure to tell Lillie how early in the day you want to see her on the 10th. She was anxious about it, but you have probably told her all about it now, as I told her to write you about it. Ain’t this grammar? I’ll say!

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