Spurgeon’s Sermon on Isaiah 26:3

Truth is not time sensitive. Charles Spurgeon preached a sermon 130 years ago that is still fully applicable to our concerns and our needs.   This is only a short excerpt from it (the whole thing is twelve pages when printed out).

A Sermon
(No. 1818)
Delivered on Lord’s Day Morning, January 4th, 1885, by
At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington

No perfect peace can be enjoyed unless every secret cause of fear is met and removed.

Whisper it at the gates and in the hostelries that the city might be taken by surprise, and that spies had been seen in the meadows, down by the East gate; and straightway the city would be in a ferment. No; peace cannot breathe while suspicion haunts the streets.

Our peace may be a false peace, a fools peace; we may be lulled into a carnal security.

Politically, nations have become self-confident, have dreamed of peace when the forges were ringing with the hammers of war; and so ill has happened unto them.

Spiritually, there are multitudes of persons who think that all is right with their souls, when, indeed, all is wrong, for eternity. It is to be feared that some have received a “strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

Now, we cannot call that perfect peace which lies only on the surface, and will not bear to be looked into. We desire a peace which sits in open court, and neither blindfolds nor muzzles ambassadors. The peace which requires that there should be a hushing-up of this and that is an evil thing. Such is the direct opposite of the peace of God. If there be any charge against God’s people, men are challenged to bring it,-“Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect?”

The pardon which God gives us is not a smothering-up of our sins, nor a blinding of justice. God is as just in His pardons as in His punishments.

It shall be seen at the last, when believers enter into their glory, that they rise there by law, just as surely as the lost sink down to hell by law: that is to say, that the Lord Jesus Christ hath rendered to the law such recompense by His perfect obedience, and His matchless atonement, that it shall be as just on God’s part to save His elect as to condemn the unbelieving world.

We claim that our peace is just and right. It may be examined and tested; for here we have NO FICTION.

If truth is to be found beneath the stars, it is in the peace which come through the precious blood of the Son of God. The peace which God gives goes through the very bottom of things, and brings us into the eternal harmonies.


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2 Responses to Spurgeon’s Sermon on Isaiah 26:3

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Powerful and timely.

  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    Thank you, Sharon. Good stuff = God stuff.

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