Imperfect Love

In January of 2014, Grant and I were well into our walk in the deep woods when I began to realize that the tears I was shedding seemed to be a bit never-ending~~in my opinion.
I commented to him one afternoon that perhaps when he stepped over to heavenly ground some day in our near future, he might have a sense of relief at having been delivered from having to watch me cry. His gentle and immediate comment was, “You go ahead and cry all you need to.”
A few days later,  I did my best to describe the tears and the lessons.

Sometimes tears flow

just as though

ours was a great romance.

I didn’t know

imperfect love

could grieve so deep.

I strain to see through gloom

a way to go ’round

what lies straight ahead.

Flawed diamond

shines through

its wrapping of tears

and still tears flow

just as though

ours was a great romance.

 We shared the reading of it together more than once before he left on March 1.
Perhaps ours was ~ a great romance 


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