Lift Up Your Heart To God

Undeniable Truths of Life # 2,384 and # 2,385. Or maybe they are # 802 and #803. I can never remember.

  • Everyone is owned by someone
  • Everyone serves someone

There is a third related truth:

  • We choose who the Someone is.

All three truths can be evaded at any stage of life or even for an entire lifetime.

These are truths easily promoted by people of faith but many people of faith are still uncomfortable about the thing because many of them are still owned by and serving those who demanded the relationship in exchange for approval, i.e., if the targeted property did as they were told to do they would receive the approval of their owner. 

It’s important. It’s simple. Wisdom is needed.

A man I call The Little Monk wrote what became the work entitled The Cloud of Unknowing.

This anonymous English monk, writing in the fourteenth century, put forth an invitation to his readers (after recommending in the opening lines that the reader not continue reading!) to give themselves to a simple and deep way of being:

Lift up your heart to God with a humble impulse of love, and have himself as your aim, not any of his goods…Set yourself to rest in this darkness…, always crying out after him whom you love. For if you are to experience him or to see him at all, insofar as it is possible here, it must always be in this cloud and in this darkness.


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