Humility and Reality

~Either is able to function as instructor with regard to the other~

Hands-at-the-side-humility bows before what is, and makes it more likely that the eyes can be lifted to Reality’s wide-as-the-sky horizons.

If we dare stand with opened eyes on the edge of life’s ripening wheat field, we may see the imperative invitations of The Christ revealed primarily as invitations to actions.

I am the Bread of Life – Come. Eat.

I am the Resurrection – Come. Live.

I am the water – Come. Drink.

I am your Advocate – Come. Rest.

I am your Shepherd – Come. Sheep.

I am the Door – Come. Enter.

I am the Light – Come. See.

Thank you, O Christ, for your Be-Ing.

Thank you, O Host of Heaven’s banquet, for the Invitations.

O Lamb of God, I come.

I come!!

Kierkegaard understood that the key to the inwardness of faith was the individual. The “single individual” is paramount in his thought and contains several meanings.

First, it means to stand alone before God and come to an awareness of God. The sooner I realize that I stand naked before God, the more authentic I will become.

Second, an individual is an unified, integrated self ordered by a single purpose. “Purity of heart,” Kierkegaard explains, “is to will one thing.”

Third, an individual is a responsible self, who in freedome gives account for his decisions or failures to decide. One’s true self is constituted by the decisions one makes.

Lastly, to be an individual is to exist as a unique self that possesses a dignity above the race, the crowd.

-from Charles E Moore’s introduction to Provocations: spiritual writings of Kierkegaard




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