The Familiar Solution

Whatever has been my habitual problem-solving pattern over the years will tend to be the pattern to which I turn in the presence of a new problem.

Conscious acknowledgement of that tendency makes it more likely that eventually (now would be nice) I will  notice built-in hindrances to my problem-solving patterns.

Most of my dead-ends with regard to being at peace and receiving God’s lavish provision for my needs are not all that mysterious: they are quite predictable. They are well-honed. Sometimes they are new-and-improved. Often they have had spiffy new paint jobs put on them – even repeatedly – over the years.

But there is rich blessing in allowing the Spirit to turn that rusty bucket (the one over there near the old fence line) upside down, toss it aside, and reveal the useless detritus underneath.

He’s very much into breathing new life into old things that don’t work very well.

Rusty buckets lay around the perimeters of life and I’ve learned to appreciate when I see Him reaching for one. It’s ok.

….Paul offered grateful praise to the Lord [in Ephesians 1:3]. Blessed be the God and Fatherof our Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul’s thanksgiving was for what the Father has given to us:“whohas blessed us.” Notice, the verb is in the past tense-this has already happened.

What is it that has already been given to us? It is every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.” Think of it. This truth is staggering in its implications.

Every grace resource that heaven has to offer is already ours here on earth. This does not mean that we are fully aware of all that has been given to us. Certainly, it does not mean that we are experiencing all of these blessings.

Yet, it does mean that they are all ours to draw upon for fullness of life here on earth!

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