March 16, 2017: It’s all good

A bunch of grape hyacinths is blooming as it should, looking a bit luxurious

A decent sized flock of migrating birds moved south to north (they’re still playing at migrating) around noon – looked to be Canadian Geese and sounded like such

I saw two soaring, circling, wide-winged birds on the hunt in the open space behind the houses across the street – flying for a meal (or for the pleasure of flying perhaps)

The first lilac buds are discernible as lilac buds, as opposed to leaf-buds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The homemade quilt that was handed to me just before worship services last Sunday has sort of found a permanent home/service point/display space on the daybed in the living room where it becomes a quiet country cave for my now-routine afternoon nap …

,,,what a gift to have this life in which someone gives me such a quilt – just because

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I bought a little six-pack of iceberg lettuce yesterday which will find its little feet in a patio container soon so that when I fix a yummy ham sandwich I can just go and pick some lettuce instead of having to deal with a whole head of lettuce and risking that some of it will turn amazing colors before I get it eaten

The fresh growth and this year’s baby buds on five rose bushes are beautiful

Today it did not rain in the Willamette Valley in Oregon: Remarkable. We have had about 35″ of rain since October which is unusual even for this area. We are not supposed to be Seattle-like or Seattle-light. We have been drenched, frozen, drifted, drowned, and deluged this year, but not today!

It’s all good.

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