Sayings from my Dad

The sun has riz

the morning is

I wonder where 

the birdies is

This often used when he called up the long stairs to the second floor bedrooms, letting us know it was time to rise and shine

No rest for the wicked 

and the righteous don’t need it

Useful for a reminder to self and the group to get up and get back to work in the summer time fields or the winter tasks in the big outbuildings – at the end of a meal or coffee break

This was his answer to my question, “Daddy, are we rich?” (when I was about ten):

Yes, we are…

….and some day we may even have some money

Ok – Have you got your 

thinking caps on?

…as we were getting ready to finish breakfast and dash out the front door and down the front steps to board the big orange school bus that swung through a wide U-turn in our more-than-large-enough farm yard… self-respecting child old enough to be in first grade, or second grade, or third grade would go to school without their thinking cap on… might also be used on a summer’s day when we were about to receive instructions for a new or really-big task


I don’t have to go to work –

I wake up every morning surrounded by it.


He would occasionally say, with a bit of a chuckle:

Well, money isn’t the first thing in life.

But it’s ahead of whatever’s in second place.

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