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Dots and Panoramas, Calderas and Fractals

Ninety years ago my Dad and five other farmers went together to buy a seeder, each of them contributing $9 to its purchase. They shared the costs of equipment for seeding  in spring and threshing costs in the fall. When summer … Continue reading

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The Bonus Army and the Baby Chicks

  In 1924, Congress authorized payments of $1.25 per-day-of-service for all veterans of The Great War as a bonus for their service in Europe and on the high seas. Dad’s Navy service had been on the USS Plattsburg of the … Continue reading

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Count Their Legs and Divide by Four

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Branding irons and barbed wire fences were frequently the frame for range wars in the 1800’s.  They were sometimes cause and sometimes consequence of bitter battles between competing ranchers; between those who owned cattle and those who owned sheep; and they … Continue reading

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