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For the Dear Hearts and Gentle People Who Still Live in my Hometown – Culbertson, Montana

Like some others in the community, we (those kids of Immanuel and Edith Larsen) did not live at Culbertson except for the first decade or two of life but like most in the community, our lives were and are utterly stamped, … Continue reading

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Immanuel Larsen was born in Nebraska in 1897

In May of 2010, Grant and I were preparing for a nine-state road trip which would take us south from Minnesota on I-29 to Omaha; west across Nebraska on I-80, with a planned historical/family heritage stop in Aurora, NB, for … Continue reading

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Grandpa Soren died this afternoon: June 13, 1956

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Mom and I were at the regular Ladies Aid meeting at a neighboring farm where they had a phone. I was playing quietly with my friends and then the phone call drew a line through the middle of the afternoon. … Continue reading

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Danes Just Don’t Like Fighting

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Palle Lauring has a two-page discussion in A History of Denmark* in which he analyzes the historical reluctance of Danes to spend material, men or money in the interest of a constant state of military defense. This missing piece in the essential business of self-preservation … Continue reading

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Water…..Cool, Cool Water

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In 1925, with his World World I Navy service behind him, our father was beginning to work his own land, thinking about rain and wheat.  He wrote the following to our mother in a letter dated September 14, 1925: Dear … Continue reading

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