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For the Dear Hearts and Gentle People Who Still Live in my Hometown – Culbertson, Montana

Like some others in the community, we (those kids of Immanuel and Edith Larsen) did not live at Culbertson except for the first decade or two of life but like most in the community, our lives were and are utterly stamped, … Continue reading

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My Home – All things Willamette

Our married life began in Minnesota in 1965. Then we spent 28 years in California, escaping from there in 1993 back to Minnesota farm country where we were for 18 years until moving to Oregon in 2011. One of the … Continue reading

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Immanuel Larsen was born in Nebraska in 1897

In May of 2010, Grant and I were preparing for a nine-state road trip which would take us south from Minnesota on I-29 to Omaha; west across Nebraska on I-80, with a planned historical/family heritage stop in Aurora, NB, for … Continue reading

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We Went to Yellowstone Park in 1949

At about 7:08 in the video, there’s a beautiful view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, with the usual view of Yellowstone Falls. Our parents drove the family there in the old car. It was a trip of over … Continue reading

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The Window At The Landing

About 2:00 in the afternoon on a very special summer day,  I would be sent up to the north window to keep watch. There is a little landing three-quarters of the way up to the second story where the staircase turns … Continue reading

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1952: Maine. And California. And Iowa.

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Do you have an Imaginary Rand-McNally Road Atlas for the United States available? I’ll give you a minute to get one. Got it? Ok. Open it to Imaginary Page 56 where the interstate, state and secondary roads in the state … Continue reading

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As I Remember It: Cooking For Dad

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Mom took the bus to California to help my sister when my niece was born when I was in my early teens,  so I was to be responsible for the household for a bit.    It was just Dad and me … Continue reading

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