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…..and then he said,……

I had a 24/7 front row seat to the last four months of the earthly life of Grant Donald Torgerson. He had many blessed last words. He was patient, content, and confident. Not perfectly so,  but so well done. It … Continue reading

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My Home – All things Willamette

Our married life began in Minnesota in 1965. Then we spent 28 years in California, escaping from there in 1993 back to Minnesota farm country where we were for 18 years until moving to Oregon in 2011. One of the … Continue reading

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Endurance is not a feeling – it’s a choice

Three years ago I posted the thoughts shared in the devotional book, Streams in the Desert: Last week I had my regularly scheduled IV infusion of Herceptin, one of the toxic-yet-amazing tools used in the treatment of the cancer identified … Continue reading

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Out of a Cardboard Box: Learning About Hospice

Six weeks before Grant died (three years ago this week) we invited hospice on to the property, signed their paperwork, and started getting acquainted with the individuals who – to one degree or another – would assist and serve us … Continue reading

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The Every Day Cemetery

We could barely go to a church function without brushing shoulders with the cemetery, set hard by the church building as it was, right there in the churchyard,  just near where we played Pom Pom Pull Away during Vacation Bible … Continue reading

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Here’s a lie: “Humility should be resisted.”

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I have long agreed with God’s definitions,  descriptions and proposals about humility, and have evidence of that agreement in something I wrote on September 13, 1983: Humility that’s asked by you, O Christ of Galilee, is that which faces you … Continue reading

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Psalm 62: Waiting in Silence

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Psalm 62:5-7  My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.  He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.  In God is my salvation and my glory; the … Continue reading

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From The Crucible: Thoughts on Comfort

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Compassion is not the same as comfort If we do not understand this, we may find ourselves comfortless and not understand why.  We may try to comfort others and not understand why they are not comforted.  There may be things … Continue reading

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Psalm 36:8 ~ Abundantly Satisfied With The Fullness Of His House

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Faithfulness, obedience and courage in a context of peace and contentment is, in fact, the will of God. That does not mean that my faith walk will be dull, predictable and fossilized,  but I must not be deceived into living as though constant stress, crisis, fear, … Continue reading

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Word Picture of King David

David was a musical sheepherder from a dysfunctional family He had  a wife who mocked him,         a son who wanted to kill him,             a baby who died because of him,                 a … Continue reading

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